Lifeline $62.50 per month
Basic $114.50 per month
Preferred HD Additional $37.23 per month
Premium Additional $20.50 per month (First Selection)
Additional $31.50 per month (HBO/MAX Special)
Additional $58.95 per month (All Premiums)
$17.95 for Each Additional Selection
Standard Digital Box* $7.69 per month
Cable HD/DVR Digital Box* $13.30 per month

* Untaxed; required with all cable packages.

 Internet with Cable

TIER Internet Only Price Internet /w Cable Price
100 Mbps Download /
5 Mbps Upload (TIER 4)
$91.20 per month $68.20 per month
150 Mbps Download /
10 Mbps Upload (TIER 5)
$101.20 per month $78.20 per month
250 Mbps Download /
15 Mbps Upload (TIER 6)
$122.20 per month $99.20 per month
400 Mbps Download /
20 Mbps Upload (TIER 7)
$127.20 per month $104.20 per month
750 Mbps Download /
20 Mbps Upload (TIER 8)
$147.20 per month $147.20 per month
Modem Lease (Untaxed) Purchase
Wireless $13.30 per month Call for Purchase Price
Standard $7.69 per month Call for Purchase Price
Activation of own modem $20.00 (one-time fee due on day of installation)

Other Fees & Service Charges

New customer installation $80.00
Additional line $43.00
Starting Transfer Fee $80.00
Change of service $7.00
Reconnect Fee for Nonpay $61.00
Reactivation of Equipment
Fee for Nonpay
Late fee
(Added 16th of each month)
Replacement booklet $7.00
Service Call $50.00
Line Run $43.00
Replacement Remote (Untaxed) $14.95
Return Check Fee $24.00
Resubmission Check Fee $15.00
Online Payment / Monthly
Autowithdrawal Fee
Payment over Phone $5.00

DISCLAIMER: Prices do not include taxes and other fees. Prices are subject to change.

Please call (570) 622-4501 for all installations, cancellations, and change of service requests.

Please be advised: You must call during regular business hours to speak with a Wire Tele-View representative to give at least 30 days prior notice in the event that you have chosen to cancel/terminate services. Customer is responsible to pay all invoices that are issued for services provided through the earlier of (i) the date that is 30 days after Customer’s notice of cancellation of services, or (ii) the actual date of disconnection by WTV. All services will be disconnected on the last day of each month. If the last day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday or a day which WTV is closed for business, services will be disconnected on the immediately preceding business day.

Contact Information

(570) 622-4501

(570) 622-8340

Wire Tele-View Corporation
603 East Market Street
Pottsville, PA 17901


Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
24/7 Answering Service

Services Offered

• Digital Cable TV
• High Definition TV
• High Speed Internet