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About Wire Tele-View Corporation

Wire Tele-View Corporation began Cable Services in 1951, making us one of the pioneers of this industry.  Internet services followed decades later, launching in the early months of 2001.

Wire Tele-View’s next significant transition took place in late 2016 when it became a family owned and locally operated Corporation. Since having new ownership, there have been many significant upgrades made to both the Cable and Internet Services.

In 2019, Wire Tele-View infrastructure cable was replaced with Fiber Optic Cable, which is currently the fastest way to carry digital information.  This upgrade allows us to offer higher internet speeds to our customers, while it also greatly improved the picture quality for our cable customers.

Wire Tele-View Corporation continues to be a proud supporter of other local businesses as we are also continuously involved with the community.


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New Faster Speeds at the Same Prices.

In 2019, Wire Tele-View infrastructure cabling was replaced with Fiber Optic Cable. Fiber Optic Cable is made up of strands of pure glass, which enables digital information to be carried over long distances at the speed of light. Fiber Optic Cable is currently the world’s fastest and most ideal for internet access. 

Because of this transition, we are excited to announce that we are now able to offer our communities with much faster and more reliable internet speeds and connections. This allows our customers to stream their favorite movies and TV shows, download their favorite music, protect their homes with the latest security cameras while they play their favorite interactive video games, without any disruptive lags or delays!

For more helpful information regarding which internet service would be most suitable for you and your family, click on “What Speeds do I Need,” or call one of our Wire Tele-View Representatives and we will be happy to assist you!

high definition

HD Services

Wire Tele-View has recently upgraded the majority of our Basic Channel Line-Up to High Definition.  This upgrade allows you to watch all of your favorite Television shows and movies with higher quality picture.  Our customers can now enjoy WatchTVEverywhere, where you can enjoy content from networks on any of your streaming devices, wherever you are. 

Another feature which recently became available to all of our cable subscribers is Stingray music, which allows you to listen to your favorite music wherever you are! 

Call one of our Wire Tele-View Representatives to schedule your installation today!

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